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Reception defect in a lre-5/lre-5 ovule


Video 13. Pollen tube reception defect in a  lre-5/lre-5  ovule is recapitulated in an  in vitro  guidance assay

Time-lapse imaging of  LAT52:DsRed -tagged pollen tube entering a  lre-5/lre-5  ovule, reaching  DD3:GFP -marked synergid cell, continuing to grow incessantly in the synergid cell and eventually growing further into the female gametophyte.

The movie shows merged time-lapse images captured in red and green channels.

Time elapsed between two frames is 10 minutes.

Ref:  Tsukamoto, T., Qin Y., Huang, Y., Dunatunga, D. and Palanivelu, R. (2010). Plant J (in press) .

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Video | by Dr. Radut