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Importance of organellar proteins, protein translocation and vesicle transport routes for pollen development and function.

TitleImportance of organellar proteins, protein translocation and vesicle transport routes for pollen development and function.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPaul P, Röth S, Schleiff E
JournalPlant Reprod
Date Published2016 Feb 13

KEY MESSAGE: Protein translocation. Cellular homeostasis strongly depends on proper distribution of proteins within cells and insertion of membrane proteins into the destined membranes. The latter is mediated by organellar protein translocation and the complex vesicle transport system. Considering the importance of protein transport machineries in general it is foreseen that these processes are essential for pollen function and development. However, the information available in this context is very scarce because of the current focus on deciphering the fundamental principles of protein transport at the molecular level. Here we review the significance of protein transport machineries for pollen development on the basis of pollen-specific organellar proteins as well as of genetic studies utilizing mutants of known organellar proteins. In many cases these mutants exhibit morphological alterations highlighting the requirement of efficient protein transport and translocation in pollen. Furthermore, expression patterns of genes coding for translocon subunits and vesicle transport factors in Arabidopsis thaliana are summarized. We conclude that with the exception of the translocation systems in plastids-the composition and significance of the individual transport systems are equally important in pollen as in other cell types. Apparently for plastids only a minimal translocon, composed of only few subunits, exists in the envelope membranes during maturation of pollen. However, only one of the various transport systems known from thylakoids seems to be required for the function of the "simple thylakoid system" existing in pollen plastids. In turn, the vesicle transport system is as complex as seen for other cell types as it is essential, e.g., for pollen tube formation.

Alternate JournalPlant Reprod
PubMed ID26874709

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