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Lab Manual

Description: The lab manual used for the Methods in Pollen Research Course.


Description: Auramine of staining of pollen exine description
Reference: PubMed
Download Protocol: Microsoft Office document icon Auramine_O_Dobritsa.doc

Description: Aniline blue staining of pollen tube in the Arabidopsis pistil description
Download Protocol: PDF icon Aniline_blue_Toshiyuki.pdf

Description: Congo red staining of pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis pistils description.


Description: GUS staining protocol

Pollen Tube Growth

Description: Growing Arabidopsis pollen tubes in vitro description.
Description: Video Illustration of the Protocol (Hosted at the Palanivelu lab Web site)


Description: Arabidopsis pollen RNA extraction description

Undergraduate Teaching

Description: This lab was developed for undergraduates in a 200-level (sophomore) course titled "Developmental Biology" and assumes little knowledge of flower form or function.
Download Protocol: PDF icon Plant Lab Dev Bio 2011_5.pdf

Description: This lab was developed for undergraduates as part of an introductory course titled "The Plant Organism."

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by Dr. Radut