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Resources from tomato pollen RNA-Seq workshop

Resources from tomato pollen RNA-Seq workshop
The Pollen RCN co-sponsored a Workshop in Next-Generation Sequencing held at UNC Charlotte in May 2014. The Workshop introduced R and RStudio for analyzing RNA-Seq data and used an example data set from tomato pollen undergoing a chronic heat stress. 
We also introduced Integrated Genome Browser, a fast and free desktop genome browser tool that allows interactive exploration of sequence data, and the LycoCyc Omics viewer, a tool for viewing gene expression results overlaid on metabolic pathways. 
Materials and resources from the workshop are freely available, including:
- Slides on Slideshare - Workshop 1, Workshop 2, Workshop 3
- Source code repository - https://bitbucket.org/lorainelab/tomatopollen
- Dropbox with workshop materials, including FastQC results from many different plant RNA-Seq data sets - http://bitly.com/rnaseq2014
- Methods in Molecular Biology paper - Analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data
- Integrated Genome Browser with RNA-Seq data - http://www.bioviz.org
To view the data, download IGB, go to the tomato genome, and open the RNA-Seq data folder. 
If you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch. Contact: Ann Loraine at aloraine@uncc.edu

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