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Early bird registration deadline extended for Plant Membrane Biology Meeeting

An upcoming Plant Membrane Biol. Meeting will be held in Annapolis, Maryland in June 5-10, 2016.  The International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology (IWPMB) is the premier international conference for researchers interested in plant membrane function. Over the last 16 meetings, IWPMB has provided an excellent forum for scientific discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers from leaders in the field to graduate students. It is a small meeting (about 250) where opportunities for networking and interacting with established and early career scientists are abundant.  Support is also available for trainees (students and postdocs and early career scientists) who register and submit an abstract. 
Note:  Early registration has been extended to April 25, 2016. Please see conference website for more info: www.iwpmb2016.org
Session Topics & chair(s)
1. Transporter Structures & Models (W Frommer)
2. New multifunctional transporters (E Martinoia)
3. pH homeostasis & Impact (M Palmgren & P Rea)
4. Chloroplast/organelle transporters (J Soll)
Sensing and signaling-
5. Crosstalk at membrane (A Murphy)
6. Osmosensing & regulation (S Gilroy)
7. Regulation of transport  (S Luan & R Hedrich)
8.  Metals & Metalloids (ML Guerinot)
9. Membrane trafficking (M Otegui & F Brandizzi)
10. Membrane-Cell Wall Interactions ()
Integrating Development with Transport
11. -abiotic factors (J Schroeder)
16.-biotic factors (S Xiao)
Improving crop productivity via transport
12.  Macronutrient-1 N (YF Tsay)
13.  Macronutrient-2 P (L Kochian)
14. Metabolite transport (J Ward & M Tegeder)
15. Future Perspective (D Sanders)
W1. Tools (M Blatt)

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