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2014 - Current

Webmaster - Yvonne Bourgeois (Bourgeoy@email.arizona.edu)

Drupal 7 site upgrade and migration


The Pollen RCN community would like to thank the following students who have helped maintain and improve the site since its debut in 2010.

Listed in reverse chronological order of their involvement, these students include:

Peter Pham, who set up the first version of our site.

Afshan Jalali, who designed our current look. She made the pollen graphics (top right) and designed a new theme just for us.

David Norris, Computer Science Masters student who made countless technical and aesthetic improvements.

Vineeth Sai Santhosh who implemented News, Announcements and Protocols features.

<http: pollennetwork.org="" individual_profiles="" patchalla="" praveen%20babu"="">Praveen Babu Patchalla who migrated the site to a new server, implemented Pollen Publications listing, and fixed many bugs.

Richard Linchangco who tested, tested and tested the site.

Salika Dunatunga (University of Arizona, Tucson) who fixed errors and added new items to the Publications page.

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