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2012 Pollen RCN Meeting Page

Program: Workshop Program and Participants
Symposium/Workshop - Frontiers in Pollen Tube Biology
The 2012 Pollen Biology International Symposium (Oct 27-28, 2012) and Workshop/Lecture for students (Oct 29-Oct 31, 2012) was held at the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology in Shanghai, China. The theme of this conference was “Frontiers in Pollen Tube Biology”. Topics for discussion included signal transduction, cell wall synthesis and modification, membrane and cytoskeleton dynamics and regulation during pollen germination and tube growth, pollen self-recognition mechanisms, and pollen tube guidance mechanisms, among others.
This symposium was organized by the National Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics (NKLPMG), Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and co-organized by the Chinese Society of Plant Physiology and the Shanghai Society of Genetics. This symposium was informally affiliated with the United States NSF-supported Research Coordination Network on Pollen Biology (http://pollennetwork.org). The official meeting language was English.
Chair: Professor Hong-Wei Xue, Director, Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS
Co-Chair: Professor Zhen-biao Yang, UC Riverside and Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS
Steering committee: Drs. Alice Cheung, Sheila McCormick, Wei-Hua Tang, Yong-Fei Wang

Pollen Biology Symposium “Frontiers in Pollen Tube Biology”
Meeting schedule:
Oct.26 (Friday) Registration
Oct.27 (Saturday)-Oct.28 (Sunday) Symposium
Place: Shanghai institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, CAS (300 Fenglin Road, Shanghai 200032, China)

Program: Symposium Program 

Participants: Symposium Participants 

Pollen Biology Lecture/Workshop (Oct 29-31)
Expected audience: graduate students and young scientists who are interested in pollen biology
Teaching language: English
Workshop registration fee: RMB 200 (pre-registration required)
Also see: Symposium and Workshop Website

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