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Lampugnani ER, Ho YYing, Moller IE, Koh P-L, Golz JF, Bacic T, Newbigin E.  2016.  A Glycosyltransferase from Nicotiana alata Pollen Mediates Synthesis of a Linear (1,5)-α-L-Arabinan When Expressed in Arabidopsis.. Plant Physiol.
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Yu G-H, Zou J, Feng J, Peng X-B, Wu J-Y, Wu Y-L, Palanivelu R, Sun M-X.  2014.  Exogenous γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) affects pollen tube growth via modulating putative Ca2+-permeable membrane channels and is coupled to negative regulation on glutamate decarboxylase.. J Exp Bot. 65(12):3235-48.
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Harth J.E, Winsor J.A, Weakland D.R, Nowak K.J, Ferrari M.J, Stephenson A.G.  2016.  Effects of virus infection on pollen production and pollen performance: Implications for the spread of resistance alleles. American Journal of Botany. 103(3)
Husband B.C.  2016.  Effect of inbreeding on pollen tube growth in diploid and tetraploid Chamerion angustifolium: Do polyploids mask mutational load in pollen? American Journal of Botany. 103(3)
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Pelabon C., Hennet L., Bolstad G.H, Albertsen E., Opedal O.H, Ekrem R.K, Armbruster W.S.  2016.  Does stronger pollen competition improve offspring fitness when pollen load does not vary? American Journal of Botany. 103(3)
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Gao Q-F, Gu L-L, Wang H-Q, Fei C-F, Fang X, Hussain J, Sun S-J, Dong J-Y, Liu H, Wang Y-F.  2016.  Cyclic nucleotide-gated channel 18 is an essential Ca2+ channel in pollen tube tips for pollen tube guidance to ovules in Arabidopsis.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(11):3096-101.
Li S., Zhou L.-Z., Feng Q.-N., McCormick S., Zhang Y..  2013.  The C-Terminal Hypervariable Domain Targets Arabidopsis ROP9 to the Invaginated Pollen Tube Plasma Membrane. Molecular Plant. 6(4):1362-1364.
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Mayank P, Grossman J, Wuest S, Boisson-Dernier élien, Roschitzki B, Nanni P, ühse T, Grossniklaus U.  2012.  Characterization of the phosphoproteome of mature Arabidopsis pollen. The Plant Journal. 72(1)


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