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Idilli A.I, Morandini P., Onelli E., Rodighiero S., Caccianiga M., Moscatelli A..  2013.  Microtubule Depolymerization Affects Endocytosis and Exocytosis in the Tip and Influences Endosome Movement in Tobacco Pollen Tubes. Molecular Plant. 6(4):1109-1130.
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Pereira AMarta, Nobre MSofia, Pinto SCristina, Lopes ALúcia, Costa MLuís, Masiero S, Coimbra S.  2016.  "Love Is Strong, and You're so Sweet": JAGGER Is Essential for Persistent Synergid Degeneration and Polytubey Block in Arabidopsis thaliana.. Mol Plant. 9(4):601-14.
Cao L.-J., Zhao M.-M., Liu C., Dong H.-J., Li W.-C., Ren H.-Y..  2013.  LlSR28 Is Involved in Pollen Germination by Affecting Filamentous Actin Dynamics. Molecular Plant. 6(4):1163-1175.
Zhao X-Y, Wang Q, Li S, Ge F-R, Zhou L-Z, McCormick S, Zhang Y.  2013.  The juxtamembrane and carboxy-terminal domains of Arabidopsis PRK2 are critical for ROP-induced growth in pollen tubes.. J Exp Bot. 64(18):5599-610.
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Vieira A.M, Feijo J.A.  2016.  Hydrogel control of water uptake by pectins during in vitro pollen hydration of Eucalyptus globulus. American Journal of Botany. 103(3)


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