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Journal Article
Johnson MA, Kost B.  2010.  Pollen tube development.. Methods Mol Biol. 655:155-76.
Covey PA, Kondo K, Welch L, Frank E, Sianta S, Kumar A, Nuñez R, Lopez-Casado G, van der Knaap E, Rose JKC et al..  2010.  Multiple features that distinguish unilateral incongruity and self-incompatibility in the tomato clade.. Plant J. 64(3):367-78.
Tavares B, Domingos P, Dias PNuno, Feijó JA, Bicho A.  2011.  The essential role of anionic transport in plant cells: the pollen tube as a case study.. J Exp Bot. 62(7):2273-98.
McCue AD, Cresti M, Feijó JA, R Slotkin K.  2011.  Cytoplasmic connection of sperm cells to the pollen vegetative cell nucleus: potential roles of the male germ unit revisited.. J Exp Bot. 62(5):1621-31.
Konrad KR, Wudick MM, Feijó JA.  2011.  Calcium regulation of tip growth: new genes for old mechanisms.. Curr Opin Plant Biol. 14(6):721-30.

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